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Our History

In my earlier years of the dry cleaning business (early 1990s), I decided to soley focus on retail establishments. My purpose behind that, being it was right for the time. From the very beginning, my goal has been to tame the busy schedules of my patrons lives, by making a simple weekly task more convinient than ever before. In order to heighten this goal even higher, I made the decision to accompany two of my three in-store establishments with a pick-up and delivery service as well. Later on, in 2003, I opened another retail establishment titled Our Town Cleaners after selling J. Stewart cleaners, which i had owned for a prior thirteen years. Unlike my chain of three stores owned throughout the 1990s, I had a pick-up and delivery service present at the time of the stores grand opening. However, it was not until 2004 when I realized I had to focus my whole-hearted attention to only pick-up and delivery service. My reasoning behind this was due to my knowledge of the dry cleaning business. By that time I knew that to supply all of my customers with that first-class service i yearned to give, I had to own only a pick-up and delivery service. I look back knowing I made the right decision to close my retail stores. Evolving from all of this, came Cleaners To You, a free pick-up and delivery service. And now a unique concept to traditional retail dry cleaners, Cleaners To You Drop Spot, a retail location open 24 hours a day for drop-offs and pick-ups located Potomac, Maryland. Covering all aspects of convenience!

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I can now give each and every one of my customers the most premium of all services on a personal level, in order to make their dry cleaning experience more convenient than ever expected.

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Maxwell Erdrich


What's really behind the plastic?

An in-depth look at what you're getting from your dry cleaner.

The "Overchargers"

A real conversation with a Cleaners To You cusomer
CTY: Upon personally delivering your garments today, I saw suits hanging from an overpriced cleaner of which produces an illusion as to the quality of their cleaning in accordance to their pricing by means of presentation. We separate all colors, pre-spot every garment, scrub collars and cuffs, separate types of fabrics (silks from blue jeans, etc), separate between garments with buckles or large buttons, carefully remove pilling on all garments, change our organic solution consistently, and change our pressing pads regularly, cover or remove buttons before cleaning if necessary, adequately stuff garments, and hand finish all items.
CUSTOMER: I’m not sure if the other cleaners I used takes all of those steps…
CTY: I’m not certain they do, but it looks good with all that over-stuffing, so it appears to be worth the overpriced cost of $22.50 for a suit that you are succumbing to. I would gladly overstuff your garments with tissue and overcharge you, however, not with a clean conscious. Have a nice weekend!

CTY: Hello again, I hope you did not take anything I said the wrong way. Please give us the opportunity to dry clean one of your suits, usually $12.90, at no charge to you; and you can compare the quality for yourself. If you see a difference in their favor, I will reimburse you for what they have just cleaned for you.
CUSTOMER: Thanks. My Pleasure.
CTY: Thanks.
CUSTOMER: Perfect on the suit. No need for stuffing.
CTY: Thanks. So, save your money and go on a nice vacation!

The "$1.99's"

A real conversation with a Cleaners To You customer

CUSTOMER: Hi Stewart, I'm sorry I haven't replied to your call or text. My wife has been bringing our dry cleaning to a place on the way to her mom's place. It has been more convenient for us and less cost since we do our own delivery and pick up. Your service and support has been great. I hope you and your family have happy holidays. Thank you.
CTY: Thanks for getting back to me. Keep in mind our pickup and delivery is always FREE; in that our prices are not raised to absorb delivery charges. As far as our prices, keep in mind we have the best prices for the premium dry cleaning that we provide to you. Make sure they are doing all of our steps such as pre spotting, separating fabrics and colors, frequently changing solutions, and hand finishing your garments. Discount cleaners such as the one you are using cut costs and corners wherever they can, all while mass producing with full disregard for legitimate dry cleaning; by doing so, they can afford to charge you $1.99 per garment. Remember, everything looks good behind plastic. Happy holidays and New Year to your family as well.

The "What You Deserve"

Cleaners To You has found the perfect balance of providing you with both superior and premium dry cleaning services at an affordable cost to you.


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