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Scheduling a Pick-up

Read the following information carefully as you may notice a change in our pick-up and delivery schedule.

Pick-ups and drop-offs occur every Wednesday for all customers (in all service areas, both residential and office). 
If you have a situation where you need to have it back before the following Wednesday, please notifiy us and we will make special arrangements. 

Fill out your information in the form below to schedule a pick-up. Pick-ups must be scheduled no later than Wednesday day of picks-ups by 8AM.

Returning customers only need to include name, phone number, and pick-up day on the form. Don't forget to update your credit card information via the tab in the navigation bar (Update Credit Card) if necessary.
New customers, please fill out the form entirely, including your address. Don't forget to add your credit card information on the next page that you will be directed to (Update Credit Card).