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Cleaners To You Testimonials

Five Stars "You've changed my life -" —Jesse M.

Five Stars My most critical customer: myself, the Proprietor.
From a loyal customer, a request was signed with the words "Thanks for the TLC. Sincerely, your worst customer." This got me thinking. It is clich? to say that one is his or her own worst enemy, but in this case, it rings true. I responded with, "I appreciate your business. By the way, my worst customer and most critical customer is myself. I am a pain and I drive myself crazy in the pursuit of perfection." As a potential customer, or current customer, please know that both you and I are in the constant pursuit of perfection together. No request is too tedious or too inconvenient. I will always do all that I can to make our service the best it can be for each individual customer. —Stewart Erdrich, Proprietor

Five Stars "We have been using Cleaners to You for two years and are very satisfied with the service, convenience, and pricing. There is no more driving back and forth to a cleaner. Our clothes always come back in excellent condition. And the prices are very competitive with cleaners in our area. After using Cleaners to You, we couldn't imagine going back to a standard cleaner." —Shobhit & Anjana A., Rockville, Maryland

Five Stars "We had tried many dry cleaners in the area, but we were always forced to make trade-offs between convenience, price and quality. We decided to give Cleaners To You a try and could not be happier that we did. Cleaners To You has proven each week to be the whole package, combining unmatched convenience and service with great prices and quality. It is a first-rate service that has made our days easier." —Bob W., Potomac, Maryland

Five Stars "Cleaners To You offers a great service for our family. The service saves us time and money (especially GAS $$). I had called Cleaners to You to let him know I had a stubborn spot on a silk shirt, they told me to place the shirt in the bag a put a safety pin on the spot. The shirt came out great, and it was completely transparent to me. I have recommended this great service to our friends and neighbors." —David, Meredith and Olivia M.

Five Stars "We love Cleaners To You. We have been using the service for about a year now and we are extremely pleased! Our clothing is picked up and delivered right to our door twice a week.
They do a wonderful job, cleaning and pressing our garments. They even take our down comforter and clean it! It is so nice to have an excellent, trustworthy and timely drycleaner to count on!" —Colgate and Jenn S.

Five Stars We saw one of Stewart's "Cleaners to You" vans right after we moved out to Darnestown a couple of years ago. We've been using Cleaners to You exclusively since that time. What a hidden bonus in our busy routine to know that we don't have to "go to the cleaners." Stewart and his team are prompt, courteous, and professional. They have done repairs, replaced buttons, and have made special pick-ups outside of our normal times.  The price is just as good as anywhere - except we don't have to take it anywhere!  We have been extremely pleased with the service we get from Cleaners to You. Thanks, Stewart." —Paul F., Darnestown, Maryland

Five Stars "We love using Cleaners to You. They are courteous, prompt, responsive and do a great job. We highly recommend them!" —Holly M.

Five Stars "Dear Stewart,
I am happy to write the following: My husband works out of town and I work full time with an 9 year old son. Most everything that my husband and I wear needs dry cleaning. I can't tell you how happy it makes me to just hang my bag of clothes on the outside of my door to be picked-up and cleaned. Miraculously, three days later, my clothes reappear, hanging on the door where I originally left them, clean, pressed and ready to wear. I have never had a bad experience and the price is right. Thanks so much for making my life easier."

Five Stars "Pressed and Happy in Gaithersburg
Cleaners To You is such a convenient way to have your clothes cleaned. They are timely and professional and you can depend on the quality of the work. My suits and shirts are returned to me crisp, clean and fresh looking. I recommend them to anyone who appreciates convenience and quality work. They pick your soiled items up at your door and return them to your door looking like new. Great job...good work!" —Joe C., Former Lead Vocalist with The Platters

Five Stars "Stewart, Just wanted to compliment you on the service you provide for us. We love having our laundry picked up and dropped off after being dry cleaned. You are always dependable, trustworthy and reliable. We liked that you called us to make sure we were home from vacation so our clothing didn't sit outside for days on end. We also appreciate the special care you give our items for dry cleaning. Everything comes back so clean, fresh and pressed beautifully. We love having the opportunity to take advantage of your service and would definitely recommend that others do the same.
Thanks so much again." —Lori and Scott R.

Five Stars "Just wanted to let you know that we were very happy with the services provided by cleaners-to-you. Easy to use, convenient, and competitively priced...we plan to use cleaners-to-you for all our dry cleaning needs. You'll be hearing from us soon!" Best regards, —Anthony V.

Five Stars "This is a quick note to thank you for the excellent service you have provided us and for the great cleaning of our shirts and suits. Everything looks wonderful and I really appreciate your assistance. Thanks again," —Andy K.

Five Stars "Stewart, I am writing this email to tell you how happy I am with your service. My clothes came back clean and looking great! I was also very impressed with the follow up call asking me if I was happy with the service. You have won over a new customer!"Regards, —Vikas A.

Five Stars "Good--- and Happy New Year! Again, it's been an excellent experience having our dry cleaning and shirts picked up form our front door, dropped off again, always very prompt and in A #1 perfect condition." —Elaine B.

Five Stars "...I am happy to see that there are still business people in this world who have kind hearts." —Jennifer R.

Five Stars "Hello there! Back safe and sound and can't thank you enough for swinging by to make sure I had the stuff to take with me!" —Amanda S.

Five Stars "Fantastic, professional service! These guys know how to run a business!" —Erin B.

Five Stars

Though we are not perfect, we are always in the pursuit of perfection...

"Hi Stewart, Thanks for not giving up on the search for those pants. My wife was very excited to hear that they were not lost. I appreciate all that you have done and the excellent customer service that you have provided. I feel like I would not have received this type of service if it happened at some other shop. Also, thanks for not charging me for my order and giving me 30% off my next two orders. I will definitely give Cleaners To You another opportunity for my dry cleaning needs." Regards —Saulmil S.

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Due to the privacy of our customers, we have abstained from publishing their last names in their testimonials. Haven't yet written a testimonial but would like to? Contact us today to let us know what you think of the job we've done!

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